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The Newsletter Mother Lode

Over the past several weeks, I've added a handful of minor items to the Archive -- a few that have completed sets and one that I didn't plan on keeping.

First, I was able to complete the set of four storybooks from the "A Story From Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" series. I had three of the four but for some reason had never picked up a copy of Wishes Don't Make Things Come True. A couple of bucks on Amazon later and the set was complete.

I also complete the collection of First Experiences books buy tracking down a copy of Going on an Airplane. If you look hard enough, you can usually find used copies of the First Experiences books for just a few dollards, shipping included. The Airplane book, though, always seemed to be just a little more expensive (and by expensive, I mean two or three bucks plus shipping instead of 50 cents plus shipping). No need to quibble over a few dollars any longer so that set is now complete as well.

I have always been intrigued by the book called The Mister Rogers Parenting Resource Book because the cover looked identical to the cover of The Mister Rogers Parenting Book. I just assumed that they were the same book with a slightly different title. Again, for a good price, I grabbed this book and found that it actually includes two books in one. It is a hardbound publication which includes both The Mister Rogers Parenting Book and Mister Rogers' Playtime.

For the better part of a few years, I looked for the two Children's Corner LPs and eventually came up with copies of both. Recently, though, I couldn't pass when I saw a copy of Tomorrow on the Children's Corner for sale...a copy in what I would describe as "excellent" condition. No split edges on the jacket. No scratches or scuffs on the vinyl. It is perfect.

My plan was to keep this copy and sell my other one which showed signs of its age. When I went to pull out my other copy, I's signed by Josie Carey. So sorry...change of plans. That's not going anywhere.

Then came the mother lode. I was contacted by a Neighborhood Archive Reader -- Jason -- who asked if I would be interested in a nearly complete run of the Around the Neighborhood newsletters published by Family Communications in the early 1970s. Of course I was interested!

Jason and I communicated back and forth for a while trying to negotiate a way for me to get ahold of these newsletters. Would I buy them from him? Would he scan them and share them with me digitally? Eventually, we came to the conclusion that selling them to me was not in the cards (as much as I would love to have them, I still have to be responsible with how I spend money) but he very generously agreed to loan them out to me. The USPS delivered and I spent the better part of an afternoon taking digital images of the newsletters.

If you follow the Neighborhood Archive on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram you've probably seen a few of the images I've shared so far.

More to come on these at some point, but if you're a collector, start saving your pennies! I think Jason plans to drop these on eBay sometime soon.

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