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Handmade Mister Rogers Clock

Family and work have kept me busy this month so it's been pretty slow around the Neighborhood Archive. I thought I'd wrap up this month with a very unique piece I recently splurged on.

As I continuously search for new and interesting Mister Rogers memorabilia, one of my biggest rules is that I refuse to overspend. I've had a few items cross my path that I would love to have added to my personal collection but the asking price was simply too much (check out the Notes section on the Festival of Many Things page). Occasionally, I've been known to pay a little bit more than I would like to for rare and unique items -- earlier this month being a good example.

Sifting through the random photos shared on Instagram tagged with #mrrogers, I came across a custom-made clock -- cut from a vinyl record to show the silhouette of a familiar figure. I couldn't help but think how great this clock would look on my basement wall among my own collection of Mister Rogers memorabilia!

Needless to say, a few clicks later and I had purchased the clock which arrived this weekend.

As you can see, the clock is cut from a vinyl record (although not an acutal Mister Rogers record -- the label has been reproduced from the real thing). On the right you've got the image of Fred's profile and on the left he sits with King Friday XIII.


The clockworks are very basic but function just fine on a single AA battery.

Sure this clock cost more than I typically pay for a piece of Mister Rogers memorabilia -- but as an avid music collector, I couldn't pass up this item that combines two of my favorite hobbies.

If you're interested in buying a clock for yourself, the High 5 Design shop on etsy features this and many other fantastic designs. Check them out!


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