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WQED Program Guide (1954), Part 3

This is the third of three images shared with me by Mr. Norbert Nathanson -- former WQED volunteer art director. The images, from 1954 WQED station program guides, have provided a fantastic look at some supplimentary details to the Children's Corner.

In this selection, we learn a lot about tame tigers -- specifically Daniel Striped Tiger and the Tame Tiger Torganization. Right off the bat, we find that Daniel was inspired to communicate his tame nature to everyone after he scared a cashier at a local super market. We also so a lot of interaction between the T.T.T. and young viewers of the Children's Corner through drawings, contests, and letters.

The highlight here for me is seeing specific instructions for joining the Tame Tiger Torganization. As I somewhat suspected, becoming a T.T.T. member took nothing more than writing a letter to receive a membership card and pin. You may remember that I tracked down one of these pins a few years ago.

And how great is that drawing of the 17 rooms inside Daniel's clock created by young David Fussaro?

Although this is the last of the Children Only pages shared with me, Mr. Nathanson also passed along a few other scans from these programming guides that are related to the Children's Corner. Stay tuned for those...


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