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WQED Program Guide (1954), Part 1

Through my recent correspondence with Mr. Norbert Nathanson, who served as the volunteer art director during the earliest days of WQED, I acquired a few scans from 1954 station program guides. These images include some fantastic references to the Children's Corner as can be seen in the first of the first scans below.

The Wish-We-Had-More-Mail-Box?

Do you ever wish you had more mail? This poor old mailbox is so unhappy when he doesn't get a ton of mail every day that he pouts and won't talk to anyone. Why don't you make him happy? Josie will answer your letters, and maybe she'll choose yours to read on her program...

This is fantastic! I get my share of email through this site but I'm thinking this might become part of the Neighborhood Archive very soon!

Two more Children Only pages coming soon!


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