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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Books (Review)

With five new episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood coming up next week, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at the Daniel Tiger books that hit stores last month.

A Ride Through the Neighborhood

This board book follows the Neighborhood Trolley as it takes Daniel and his friends home from a day at school. The book, cut in the shape of the Trolley, has movable wheels which allows young readers to play with this book as a toy. It is very similar in shape and design to the 1987 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood book A Trolley Visit to Make-Believe.

Meet the Neighbors

Meet the Neighbors is a board book that covers all of the basics -- it's the perfect book for introducing the Daniel Tiger characters to a new viewer/reader. All of the characters introduced so far on the show (with the exception of Chrissie) are mentioned in this book with a two-page spread dedicated to each family. To go along with this book's wonderful illustrations, the characters personalities are described in detail.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

This book is structured more as a story book than a simpler board book. After King Friday XIII announces that a visitor is coming to the Neighborhood, this story follows Daniel and his friends as they prepare a celebration for the special guest. I won't spoil the ending for you. :)

Thank You Day

Thank You Day is an abbreviated version of Episode 114b and is intended for beginning readers. My kindergartener was able to read through it on her own with help on only a few words. This book is available in both paperback and hard cover -- the hardbound edition not necessarily worth its significantly more expensive price tag.

Goodnight, Daniel Tiger

Goodnight, Daniel Tiger follows the storyline of Episode 117b which takes readers through Daniel's bedtime routine. Written in a storybook style with large glossy illustrations, this book's cover is cleverly bordered with a textured red margin to resemble Daniel's sweater.

A quick look on Amazon and you'll see that there are more Daniel Tiger books on the way throughout the coming year. If the quality of the coming titles are anything like the five we've seen so far, young readers are definitely in for a treat!

These five books offer a glimpse of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood to children of various ages and reading levels -- each one complete with colorful and detailed illustrations. This is a major highlight of these titles as it affords readers the opportunity to take a closer look at the finer details of the Neighborhood.

Who knew the bakery had graham cracker window shutters and the windows at the music shop were lined with piano keys? These are fun details that can be difficult to notice when watching the animated program on television, but sitting with a young reader and a Daniel Tiger book can be a whole different story (pun slightly intended).

These book are the perfect compliment to their animated counterpart and are certain to be enjoyed by the young readers in your neighborhood! Order your own copies on Amazon today!


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