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The Elusive Playset

The elusive playset seems to be toying with me. And that pun was completely unintentional.

I've been writing about the Neighborhood of Make-Believe Playset produced by Ideal for several years. Besides tracking down all of the character pieces, any other reference to this set has been limited to just a few images.

One Neighborhood Archive reader managed to track down a copy of the original product patent and Jordan Hembrough, host of TV's Toy Hunter, got my hopes up slightly last February.

Still, through all of this, never has any physical evidence of this actual playset surfaced. Not one piece. I was just getting back to the point of resignation when I came across this image today from a late 1970's toy catalog.

Game on.

You're out there Neighborhood of Make-Believe Playset...and I will find you.


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