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Daniel Tiger Colorforms Fun Pockets (Review)

Colorforms are still a thing?! Who knew?! Better yet, a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Colorforms set!


I grew up in the late 70s and into the 80s at a time that I would consider to be the heyday of Colorforms. My brother and I had several sets -- still have them as a matter of fact -- including everything from Scooby-Doo to Knight Rider. So imagine my surprise to find this Daniel Tiger Colorforms set!

In typical Neighborhood Archive fashion, let's look at the goods and the not-so-goods of this set:

THE GOOD: It's Colorforms! Such a simple way to be creative as children use their imaginations to come up with a variety of scenes and stories.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD: These aren't the Colorforms of days gone by. The pieces are flimsier and they don't have hard boards to put the pieces back on when they aren't being used. Instead, only thin paper backing is provided.

THE GOOD: There are two backgrounds to choose from rather than just the traditional single scene provided in most vintage sets.


THE NOT-SO-GOOD: There's a lot of random small pieces and not enough character pieces. I'd much rather see multiple poses of each character and fewer "accessories." This was the case with many Colorforms sets I had as a kid, too. Too many roadblocks and not enough Bo and Luke Duke.

THE GOOD: The price. This set is very affordable at right around seven dollars.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD: Shipping costs. I've only been able to find this item online which means, even for Amazon Prime members, that there are shipping charges involved. The cheapest total I've found so far puts this set in your hands for around $13 shipped.

All in all, the vintage pop-culture fanatic in me puts this up there as one of my favorite pieces of Daniel Tiger merchandise I've seen so far. Let me know if anyone sees (or has seen) this set in stores!


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