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Podcast Episode 024: Danny LaBrecque

For anyone interested in up-and-coming children's education, Danny LaBrecque is a name sure to become more familiar. He is the host of Danny's Joe's Treehouse, an educator, a father, and a husband. Danny has his eyes set on making a difference in the lives of children through social-emotional education and carrying on the legacy of Fred Rogers in his own way.

Although this is one of the longer podcasts that I've recorded (coming in right at an hour in length), please listen in as I talk with Danny about Danny Joe's Treehouse, auditioning for Blue's Clues, his most current project called Scrapbook, his connection to Eliot Daley, attending the Summit, and his overall desire to support the emotional well-being children.

Here are some links that may come in handy as you listen:

My thanks to Danny LaBrecque for joining me on Episode 024 of the Neighborhood Archive Podcast which is available now!

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