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Podcast Episode 023: Holly Yarbrough

Holly Yarbrough is the amazingly talented voice behind the album Mister Rogers Swings!

According to Holly:

Like so many [others], Mister Rogers was my best pal growing up, until I hit about age five, when the Electric Company seemed oh so much cooler. I didn't think much about him (except for laughing at Eddie Murphy's interpretation) until news of his retirement hit the airwaves and I found myself fraught with gratitude and tearing up at the recollection of his kind and simple ways. I started occasionally watching the show again as my own personal meditation in a world gone crazy with jump cuts and fast motion. It soothed me, and I became reacquainted with those classic songs that had imprinted on my musical DNA as a kid.

When Fred died I cried and cried. And I wasn't alone. It felt like the whole country was wholeheartedly, unashamedly grieving for the King of Uncool (Long Live the King).

Losing his great bright beacon in this world made me want to pick up a little candle of my own and shine it in his memory. And to be quite honest, the memory of his loving spirit and kind words helped me find the confidence to step out and be heard in a way I never had the confidence to before.

So on a wing and a prayer, and a home equity line of credit, I made this record. My fondest hope for it (other than paying back the home equity line of credit) is that more people will recognize the classic artistry of Fred Rogers' songwriting. I believe he deserves a space in our Great American Songbook along with the likes of George Gershwin and Cole Porter.

With that, listen in as Holly and I talk about her musical background, her passion for helping others, and her tribute and dedication to Mister Rogers through Mister Rogers Swings!

Episode 023 of the Neighborhood Archive Podcast is available now!

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