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A "Lovely" VHS Tape

I recently picked up three Neighborhood VHS tapes -- two of which I had already. The price was good enough for all three that I wasn't about to ask the seller to split the lot.


So this means two things. First, I've added the title Love to the Archive. It pretty much consists of Episode 1664. Second, this means I've got two tapes that are duplicates in my collection. If you happen to be interested in either of these duplicates -- Kindness or Circus Fun -- you can find purchase links on the Store page. Know that any profits made from these purchases go right back into the machine as I use such funds to acquire more Neighborhood memorabilia.

One cool surprise from this lot of VHS tapes was an insert found inside the packaging for one of these titles.

This made me realize that I've had this Trolley (as well as the similar school bus and Speedy Delivery truck) sitting on my shelf for years and have never added them to the site.

Gonna have to get on that.


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