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Chrissy and Chrissie

Chrissy Thompson was a regular visitor to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. You may remember her and her sister Terri as the television grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. McFeely. More memorable, however, is Chrissy's candid openess in discussing the braces she wore on her legs as a result of spina bifida.

Earlier this week, it was announced that a new friend will be coming to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on an episode premiering later this month. The new friend -- "Chrissie" -- is the cousin of Prince Wednesday and, much like Chrissy from the original Neighborhood, it appears that she also wears leg braces.

While most people who watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood will never make this connection, I certainly appreciate this sort of (assumedly) intentional reference back to Mister Rogers and his original Neighborhood. I continue to applaud Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for continuing to share the important messages of Fred Rogers.

Looking forward to meeting Prince Wednesday's cousin Chrissie!


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